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The Keepers: How the internet is cracking cold cases & talking about dead people

As shown in the recently released Netflix docu-series, the Internet is good at cracking cold cases -- or at least gathering an abundance of tiny details and facts, which often seem to elude the police, in an effort to solve murders. And none of them were as cold -- and as twisted, we would later find out -- as the murder of Sister Cathy, a Baltimore nun who was a teacher at Seton Keough High School.

5 docs that will make your blood boil

These stories are worth telling and worth hearing. And as we watch them unravel, we waver from hating the protagonists, the alleged killers, to sympathizing with them. So here's a list of docs that will get you screaming at your screen as your blood boils at the corruption, lies, and scheming (mostly on the parts of policemen, lawyers and judges).

12 things you thought while watching #Riverdale

I can't not watch this show. Thank you CW for creating the perfect guilty pleasure with a cast of moody AF 20-somethings who play 16 and 17-year-old high school students. Why didn't people at my high school look like Archie? (Also why am I attracted to someone with red hair?) Anyways below there might be some spoilers so don't read unless you're entirely caught up. Which obviously you are because #Riverdale is crack for millennials.