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5 docs that will make you cry

5 docs that will make you cry

If you're in the mood for some heart-wrenching stories that are raw, beautiful, inspiring and terrifying, then these are some great options. 

  1. Newtown: Parents, kids, EMTs, doctors and teachers speak up years after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Twenty children and six teachers were fatally shot. The film takes a look at how the community has been coping and the changes they're trying to make to prevent similar tragedies.
  2. Shadow of Truth: The four-part docu-series explores the murder of a 13-year-old Israeli girl. It offers insight into the girls family and into the conviction of a man accused of the killing. It is both frustrating and uplifting in its search for the truth.
  3. Matthew Shepard Was A Friend of Mine: A childhood friend of a slain 21-year-old in Colorado. The doc illustrates the vibrant Matthew Shepard, who was brutally beaten to death for being gay. 
  4. 13th: The powerful doc by Ava DuVernay explores how the United States' prison systems have turned into a kind of modern-day slavery targeting African-Americans. Experts weigh in on how the abolishment of slavery led to a prison boom – and the detrimental effects it's having on society.
  5. Tower: The 1966 University of Texas massacre is retold by victims and others who were there when Charles Whitman killed 14 people. The doc uses old footage as well as rotoscopic animation to portray how the events unfolded, making for a artisic and fascinating storytelling approach.

All area available for streaming on Netflix Canada now.


5 docs that will make you think

5 docs that will make you think