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Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial Park

I went camping...

and I lived to tell the tale. I probably wouldn't rely on myself for any camping advice other than: Go to Killarney. You won't be disappointed. Despite a bit of rainy weather, the water was crystal clear and the mountains were beautiful.

Killarney is a far drive from Toronto, so we broke up the drive by staying in Parry Sound the night before. We opted for a not-so-luxurious situation at a hotel off the highway and enjoyed some dinner at a place called Don Cherry's — which, you guessed it, was dedicated to the iconic hockey commentator.

We stayed on George Lake but there are tons of other options. Be sure to book WAY in advanced and be sure to get a parking permit to part at the drop-off zone if you're driving.

Some advice:

  • Check the weather (obviously) and pack a rain jacket in case

  • Bring at least two tarps (this seems obvious, but I guess to my friends and was not)

  • A pillow is your best friend after a long day

  • Don't forget to bring a (quick-dry) towel

  • Insect repellent is your best friend

Here are some pictures from my trip