La Romana, Dominica Republic


There's more to this island Than beaches...

I visited La Romana with a friend and we stayed in Casa de Campo (which has gained a lot of attention due to a certain couple who has a house there, ahem Jay Z and Beyonce.) Anyways, we stayed with my friend's grandmother so don't get any ideas. Her nana partied harder than us. 

I do have to say the beaches were beautiful and the weather was perfect (we went in February), but my favourite part was walking around the marina and the cobblestone streets of Altos de Chavon. There were art galleries showcasing local talent and vendors at the side of the road. The pictures of a pool are from the Casa de Campo resort, where we went for a day. We also visited the stables, also on the property. 

La Romana is where the red point is...

La Romana is where the red point is...

Casa de Campo Marina

Check out the boats, the people and even grab a couple things at the grocery store while you're there. Eat at Limoncello, the most delicious Italian food and my friend's all-time favourite restauarant in the DR.

Altos de Chavon

This area is a pedestrian paradise with no cars and all cobblestone streets. The stone structures are beautiful and give so much character to the surroundings. Altos de Chavon is a replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village designed by a Dominican architect. There's a church, ampitheatre and many handcrafted gifts being sold by local vendors and artists.

The pool and the beach in Casa de Campo

Just to prove I actually went.

The stables

Should you go?

Short answer: definitely yes! If you can ball out hardcore for 5 days to a week, I HIGHLY recommend visiting La Romana and Casa de Campo. There's lots to do, great restaurants, museums, and areas to explore if you're not into lying on the beach every second.