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4 bingeworthy specials and limited series

4 bingeworthy specials and limited series

The weather outside is sweltering and my AC is blowing. Perfect conditions for a lovely binge-watching session. After watching the Emmy's, I was inspired to give HBO's The Night Of a try, and to lighten the mood, I also checked out Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix special. Another noteworthy limited series was Time: The Kalief Browder Story, also now on Netflix. Here are some thoughts on what I watched this month:

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  1. The Night Of (HBO) This limited series explores what happens after a Pakistani American university student nicknamed Naz has a night out with an intriguing and troubled young woman. The events that follow change the lives of everyone involved, from the police officers to the lawyer who takes on a bloody murder case. Not only does the show explore life in Rikers, where Naz is sent, it also shows the process of how police and lawyers work on the trial — and how the courts can be just as corrupt as the prisons. 
  2. Time: The Kalief Browder Story (Netflix) There is nothing more heartbreaking or rattling than a 16-year-old kid sentenced to stay in Rikers (notorious New York prison) until his trial for — get this — stealing a backpack. Browder is locked up as a teen because his mom couldn't make $3,000 bail after he was accused of robbery. After years and delays, he is finally released and left to start over and rebuild his life. But it's not that simple. And the docu-series uncovers the raw and unforgiving truth behind the justice system. Browder's story is just one of hundreds, but his eloquence and charming nature make him stand out and he becomes the voice of redemption, reasoning and even forgiveness.
  3. Narcos season 3 (Netflix) Holy crap — if you thought this season would be dull without Pablo you'd be wrong. Most of the favourites from the previous two seasons are back with a vengeance, fighting for the number one spot after Escobar's demise. The Cali Cartel reigns supreme, and runs things a little differently than before. This season is jam-packed and has some violent, gory scenes mixed with twisted plot-lines and lots of suspense. And the ending indicates they'll be continuing with a focus on Mexican cartels. 
  4. Jerry Before Seinfeld (Netflix) This hour-long special is a throwback to Seinfeld's career. He performs on the stage that made him famous in New York, at The Comic Strip. He shares some of his old jokes and talks about life growing up in his "normal" and "boring" family in Massapequa. His wordplay and sarcasm were still in tact and his set had me laughing out loud. 
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Modern thoughts on 19th century literature written by women: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Modern thoughts on 19th century literature written by women: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

4 shows I'm watching now, from true crime to reality TV

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